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Repacing my life.

Confused?? Dont be. I am just going to try something new with my life. Expectation is it wont cost me much, will make my life interesting at least for some time (months) and will probably 'repace' my life.
I dont know if this word - 'repace' has been used before; not at least in this context i guess.
I am not saying my life will be faster or slower, better or worse it will simply be not in the same pace it is now.
I am getting a feeling our entire generation is rushing through our lives. There is a hurry, to get somewhere. I am thinking of not sprinting, but taking a marathon.
This I know will come in steps. Will keep you guys posted.


In a not so unique step to increase employee productivity, my company has blocked blogger as well as bloglines. The firefix addon is not working as well. So there has been a sudden drop in the posts and all of you in large numbers who follow my blog (hehehehe...feels good seriously), accept my apologies for not being able to initiate the series that would lead to the big day. hope i will be more regular hence forth.
As a first step in the direction I got engaged on 2nd of June 2007. I wont write much, but let me agree, it does feel different.
Take care all. Be good and do good.