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How to know what you like the most

Have you ever been in a situation where you take up something because you like it and then after doing it for some time you find you are no longer happy doing it?
That's what exactly been happening with me all along. Engineering, MBA, Banking, IT consulting, IT consulting with a fatter pay check. My dearest friend thinks I am cut out for an independent businessman. My mother and wife are in no mood to listening to a "I just quit my job" news.
Now I have serious doubts about my interests. Do I switch jobs with full information or are they out of mere curiosity? Am I to be called a fickle mind? How do people know right from the age of three what they want to do? Can't there be someone who wants to try out a couple of things before he settles down on something!!!
Right now I am hell bent on getting into acting. But now I am playing mind games with myself. What if I gt bored there? What next?
I want to find an answer to this question "How to know what you like the most.…