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What I am outside my job

What defines you?  Your job? Career? But that is a 20th century invention. People did not have 'careers' before that and still lived happy life! Your kids? Spouse? Parents? Family? They are important! But does your happiness define what they think of you? That is difficult to control. Are you always going to try and please them to maintain an 'image'? Your friends? What kind of friends? Those who like you? love you? speak their minds or dont speak at all? Who will back you up even if you have done something wrong?  Neighbours? Colleagues? They are integral to your life but you will keep changing. What do they mean then? Your hobbies? Would you do them if no one appreciated you for them? What defines you is  - how you would treat others if you had nothing to do with them - what you would do if no one was looking - would you do something if it did not pay you

1000 kgs of Goa - Book review

1000 Kilograms of Goa by Rohan Govenkar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This brilliantly written book is a good movie plot. The Author, Rohan Govekar, being a Goan lad himself, lends authenticity to some of the facts about Goa.

If you are a Goan yourself, his narration takes you through some of the well known landscape and portrays a few typical Goan characters quite realistically.

The only part I would say could have been completely done away with, is the protagonist's philanthropic redemption of his ill-gotten wealth towards the end of the book. It comes across as a little too self indulgent and guilt ridden.

Having said that, awesome first book!

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