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It wasnt surprise to me that my roommate with a compulsive shopping disorder bought a laptop.
It had to happen one day or the other.
Neither did the configuration come as a surprise to me.
He had to buy the best.
When I came back from Mumbai to my good old apartment in Hyderabad, a sleek new Compaq laptop, a 256 Kbps broadband connection, a relatively quit and sane new acquittance with his laptop awaited me. Abhishek has taken all the effort & expenditure to make this little apartment wirefree. Can you believe it! This has made me wonder how fast life is changing for me. Till I went to Mumbai on a project, laptop was something "wow" for me. It no longer has the value. Just before I left Mumbai, I had thought of visitng a barista with my official laptop just to check out what exactly is this wireless connectivity. And here I am lying on my bed, with no wires attached to this computing device of the size of a A4 sized notebook, that weighs 80% lesser than what my school bag we…

Film orgasm

Thats what I had recently when I went to Planet M at fort mumbai. Bought myself a whooping 18 film titles. 2 DVD and 16 VCD sets. Almost my dream collection. I am going home for diwali. So planning to indulge in some filllumgiri.
I have been bestowed with titles from home for this. But what all fail to understand is that it is a awsome deal for 2000 bucks. idea. I can review thse films one by one on this blog. That will ensure the continuity of the blog and also make me see the films with an objective in mind.
Kya kool hoon main...