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Creative Person?

So what does a creative person do? Or rather when would you call a person creative? What is the qualifying criteria? The simplest answer would be someone who creates content. But what I observe around myself is that there are more channels than content. In fact, channel as a resource is unlimited now. And what happens when resource tends to infinity? Efficiency approaches zero! From my own example, I have an email address on every possible free mail hosting service. Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, LikedIn, Flickr, Picassa, Photobucket ...the list is endless but I have an account in all these places (and yes, Blogger!). Where I have failed miserably, is creating worthwhile content. Neither do I write much email (personal 1 to 1) to people, nor do I receive much of them. All my mailboxes are flooded with spam and forwards from people that they have not put any heart into. Channels have become fads and we keep moving from one to the other. But we are not adding any value to these channels befor…