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Its here!!!

Guys you wont believe this!!!!!!!!! Ubuntu is here ...on my laptop!!!!!
You can judge the degree of my excitement from the number of exclamation marks I am using!!!!!!!!!
Actually I initially decided to borrow a copy of Ubuntu CD but couldn't find one with any of the 1st degree contact. So I thought of buying a magazine that would have a complimentary CD of Ubuntu. But I couldn't find that either. Next option was to download and burn the OS on a CD. But I learnt from their portal that one could order an original Ubuntu CD and it would be delivered to my doorstep by a distributor from Bangaluru for as little as Rs. 250 (handling & shipping charges). That for me was like receiving a DVD of Amitabh's super-hit Don signed by Big B himself. I was so excited when I received the CD yesterday that I even took pictures of it so that you guys can have a look at it...

The installation was a breeze. It took hardly about 30 minutes to install. The only knowledge one needs to install U…


I was nearing a pathetic weekend, where nothing seemed to be falling in place. Too many household chores (mostly those irritating types) and no excitement at work. I was so damn pissed off with the whole weekend stuff.
But then I came home yesterday and my mood has been on the upward. It all started with a nice Fish cuisine dinner yesterday. Then the movie The Last Lear. Went to sleep at 1 at night. Today morning at 7, there was a group cycle ride planned. And this ride has been physically so consuming because of the terrain, but has done wonders to my mood. It wasn't exactly a 'group' ride per se. We were just two guys. Sundeep on his kool Merida was my companion on this drive. This collegue of mine has amazing fitness level (of course when compared to me, even a tortoise would look agile). He has been jogging and running for last 7 years and has taken up cycling recently. He bought this expensive bicycle just couple of days back and has been cycling at least 20 odd Kms ev…