Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its here!!!

Guys you wont believe this!!!!!!!!! Ubuntu is here ...on my laptop!!!!!
You can judge the degree of my excitement from the number of exclamation marks I am using!!!!!!!!!
Actually I initially decided to borrow a copy of Ubuntu CD but couldn't find one with any of the 1st degree contact. So I thought of buying a magazine that would have a complimentary CD of Ubuntu. But I couldn't find that either. Next option was to download and burn the OS on a CD. But I learnt from their portal that one could order an original Ubuntu CD and it would be delivered to my doorstep by a distributor from Bangaluru for as little as Rs. 250 (handling & shipping charges). That for me was like receiving a DVD of Amitabh's super-hit Don signed by Big B himself. I was so excited when I received the CD yesterday that I even took pictures of it so that you guys can have a look at it...

The installation was a breeze. It took hardly about 30 minutes to install. The only knowledge one needs to install Ubuntu is that of English knowledge. Here is the first screen-shot after installation.

I hereby declare Ubuntu as the best operating system I have ever used!!!!!!!!
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