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Immortality of an ideology

Goa lost a dear son on the evening of 17th March 2019.  The electronic, print & social media are bursting with messages and memories of Mr. Parrikar. He was indeed a visionary man, hard working and an astute statesman.
As I follow images & video feeds of people of Goa gathering to pay homage to this great man, A lot of thoughts flood my mind as well. My personal experiences, limited public & private interactions with him and how Goa changed around me while he was at the helm.
Though I feel like sharing those with you all, I begin feel as if they are just stories. Just like snippets from Ramayana or Mahabharata. But I want to remember the real crux of the series of stories that people will be narrating today or in the years to come. In my mind, every departed should should be immortalised through their ideology.
Days will pass and time will play it's part. But every person who remembers their bhai, Manohar, Sir, Parrikar today should make it a point to immortalise his …
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Why I chose iPhone over an android

There is no end to this debate. I have been a faithful android user from 2010 to 2015. I started with using a sleek HTC handset that I bought on Vijaya Dashmi. Every 2 years I have had to change my android phone as the older one could not support a new update or became unusably slow as more apps were installed. Till I moved to an iPhone towards end of 2015.  3 years gone and I am still in favour of the Apple phone I am using - an iPhone 6 plus 16 GB that iPaid a whopping fifty thousand rupees for. It is stable, secure & consistent performer. It has supported all iOS upgrades that Apple has released so far. It is a great business phone because of it's reliability.  But not all is hunky dory after 3 years. With an ever increasing mobile focus from various applications, high definition content and digital media, the 16 GB internal storage is insufficient. I need to backup videos and photographs twice every month. On a 7 day vacation, I invariably run out of space for clicking pictu…

Changing wiper blades on Ford Figo

It has been a while that I have not paid personal attention to our Ford Figo. This vehicle has run 80 thousand kilo meters and served us well for close to 8 years. I recently had changed the front tyres on it from Yokohama Earth 1 to Apollo (cannot remember the brand) stock size. The rubber cost me about Rs.9000. And then I spent some more on rubber this weekend.

But today I decided to play attention to the broken rubber on front wiper. The picture on the left shows what had become of it. This was also causing damage to the windscreen. There are probably some scratches there which will need 3M care. I remember changing these just last year with the Authorised Ford service station in Hyderabad. But, I really don't know the life of the wiper rubber, so cannot complain. 
I guess this is mostly the result of lot of heat making the rubber brittle and running the wipers without water. The later happens a lot in case of Ford Figo because of it's unconventional placement of wiper contro…


रात्रीचा १ वाजला आहे . डोळे झोपाळले आहेत , पण मन झोपू देत नाही . एक साधा सोपा सिनेमा एवढं करू शकतो?
अर्ध्या तासा पूर्वी 'कील्ला' हा सिनेमा पहिला.  एखादी गोष्ट , नव्हे भावना किंवा संवेदना म्हणू कमीत कमी शब्दात कशी सांगावी याचा उत्तम उदाहरण म्हणजे किल्ला हा सिनेमा. पावसाळी ओला चिंब आणि हिरवा कोकण, १९९० च्या आसपासच साधं सोपं राहणीमान, मोबाईल / इंटरनेट च्या विळख्यात न सापडलेलं 'बाल'पण हे सगळंच खूप नॉस्टॅल्जिक वाटत. गोष्ट सांगता नाही येत, पण भावते नक्की. दिग्दर्शक स्वतःच DoP असल्यामुळे प्रत्येक फ्रेम ने डोळे दिपून जातात. मराठीतला संतोष सिवन आहे हा अविनाश अरुण. बदल , त्याच्याशी जुळवून घेण्याची माणसाची धडपड, आई मुलाचे नाते हे सगळं एका पौगंडावस्थेतील मुलाच्या दृष्टिकोनातून दाखवलं गेलंय .
मला या फिल्मने जाग ठेवण्याचे मुख्य कारण म्हणजे, माझ्या आणि माझ्या कुटुंबाचा आयुष्यात मागच्या एका वर्षात झालेले बदल मला एक वेगळा connect देऊन गेले. जुलै २०१७ मध्ये आम्ही हैदराबाद हुन नोएडा ला आलो. मी नोकरी बदलली आणि त्यामुळे घरही बदलावे लागले. ८ वर्षं हैद्राबादला राहिल्यावर, तिथून उत्तर भारतात…

What I am outside my job

What defines you?  Your job? Career? But that is a 20th century invention. People did not have 'careers' before that and still lived happy life! Your kids? Spouse? Parents? Family? They are important! But does your happiness define what they think of you? That is difficult to control. Are you always going to try and please them to maintain an 'image'? Your friends? What kind of friends? Those who like you? love you? speak their minds or dont speak at all? Who will back you up even if you have done something wrong?  Neighbours? Colleagues? They are integral to your life but you will keep changing. What do they mean then? Your hobbies? Would you do them if no one appreciated you for them? What defines you is  - how you would treat others if you had nothing to do with them - what you would do if no one was looking - would you do something if it did not pay you

1000 kgs of Goa - Book review

1000 Kilograms of Goa by Rohan Govenkar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This brilliantly written book is a good movie plot. The Author, Rohan Govekar, being a Goan lad himself, lends authenticity to some of the facts about Goa.

If you are a Goan yourself, his narration takes you through some of the well known landscape and portrays a few typical Goan characters quite realistically.

The only part I would say could have been completely done away with, is the protagonist's philanthropic redemption of his ill-gotten wealth towards the end of the book. It comes across as a little too self indulgent and guilt ridden.

Having said that, awesome first book!

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The origin of God

Long long time ago, the human race was just evolving, and was learning how to cope up with health, hygiene and disease. I don’t know what ‘era’ or ‘age’ it was. Monolithic, bronze, stone or some yuga like dwaparyuga, tretayuga…etc. But it was an era when diseases spread fast, even simple ones like lose motion ! And people died of these little diseases. This was way before humans knew the benefits of personal hygiene or fresh cooking. I am talking about like really old times.
But we were evolving. There was this one guy who took bath everyday (probably because he liked it). Lets call him the ‘clean guy’. He even had bath multiple times a day. He had learnt the art of cooking over fire. He knew how to make fire, and how to use it to roast or cook. So he cooked everyday in his cave. And he had bath before cooking, after cooking, before going out, after coming back to his cave…all the time! Now, other people who did not know how to cook, would hunt animals or get fruits and vegetables to t…