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Traffic as Life

As I was commuting from office to home on the motorcycle today, the thought crossed my mind again; as it has several times, whenever I have driven on long stretches of highway. So I thought of sharing this with all the millions and zillions of neurons that follow this blog so closely :-).
There is a close resemblance between life and traffic on the roads.
One has an origin and a destination like birth and death of a lifetime.But some journeys end abruptly before the traveler reaches his destination. Some vehicles want to travel fast and sprint a short distance in shortest possible time. There are others that want to take their time to go the distance. How comfortable your journey will be depends on your vehicle - the medium that takes you from your birth to your death; viz. your body.You may pick up fights along the way. But more the time you spend fighting, lesser the distance you travel. :-)You may break the law and cause inconvenience to others but along your journey, there will be …

Jai Shri Ram

An incident that reinforces my belief in the Hindu way of life - a group of 40 men from Mangalore inspired by the lord श्री राम beat up women in a Pub/lounge/restaurant. Here is the media byte.
Even if we take this with a pinch of salt and blame the pseudo secular media for some saucy coverage, the beating is for real. I am sure if I raise this issue with every swayamsevak I know, it is going to be sidelined. This in my opinion is the real danger.
It is time every Hindu wakes up and takes cognizance...mishandling women is a strict NO. NO SCRIPTURE IN OUR RELIGION REASONS THIS!

Aurangabad - Ajantha - Ellora

The long weekend X'mas vacation presented a beautiful opportunity for a family trip to Aurangabad. Being the historically endowed town it is, Aurangabad has ample tourists spot to fill up three days.
Yours truly, accompanied by parents and wife drove down to Aurangabad in a Santro. We left Pune at 6.30 AM on 25th December'08. The total distance of 250 Kms to Aurangabad was covered in 4 and 1/2 hours with a break for breakfast.
Once at the destination, finding the right accommodation was the biggest pain. Aurangabad does not have clean economy hotels. The place looks more like business place and most of the hotel rooms are indecent to say the least. Good accommodation is available at MTDC, but it is always overbooked. Other good places are very very costly which include, The Taj, The Ambassador, Hotel Amarapreet etc. Minimum tariff at these places is close to INR3000 for a couple per room per day. So we took the easiest way out. We paid an autowallah 20 rupees to find a good hote…

Aurangabadcha Popat

Hahaha. Last weekend (X'mas vacation) trip to Aurangabad. Details later.