Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Traffic as Life

As I was commuting from office to home on the motorcycle today, the thought crossed my mind again; as it has several times, whenever I have driven on long stretches of highway. So I thought of sharing this with all the millions and zillions of neurons that follow this blog so closely :-).
There is a close resemblance between life and traffic on the roads.
  • One has an origin and a destination like birth and death of a lifetime.
  • But some journeys end abruptly before the traveler reaches his destination.
  • Some vehicles want to travel fast and sprint a short distance in shortest possible time. There are others that want to take their time to go the distance.
  • How comfortable your journey will be depends on your vehicle - the medium that takes you from your birth to your death; viz. your body.
  • You may pick up fights along the way. But more the time you spend fighting, lesser the distance you travel. :-)
  • You may break the law and cause inconvenience to others but along your journey, there will be someone else, more rowdy, who will treat you the same way.
  • There is always someone faster than you, it is just a matter of time till you come across him.
Life and traffic, as I see them, are great levelers. In the long run, nobody has an advantage over fellow travelers.
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