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Pay to vote

I couldn't do it the next day. Sorry for that! Well the Question was who should have the right to vote?

My answer is, "One who pays the taxes". If I am paying tax to the Government, which the representatives of "The People" are going to spend, then I should be "The People". Only those who pay have the right to decide how and who should spend it. If I don't have my money at stake and if I am so poor, illiterate and dumb that I have lost the power to think, I would rather take some money and vote for Ravan's Step Brother.

Lets try a different approach. Allow me to paint two scenarios:

Scene 1- There are two folks who say that they will give you a Ferrari for free if you vote for them. Remember you have limited knowledge about both of them. They are going to buy the Ferrari from someone else's money. May be they will take some 500 million from that "someone else" for the Ferrari and keep some for themselves. What would you do?

Now what…

The right to vote

Why are sensible policies rare in our country?

The reason seems interesting to me. Who makes policies in this country? The Elected Representatives in the Parliament. How does one get elected as a representative of the people? Here comes the interesting stuff. I need to have majority of people voting for me. Now (suppose), I as a person, have the character of Ravan's step brother, morals as strong as a Parthiv Patel's batting. Who do you think will vote for me? Some dumb uneducated guy who has lost the power to think and whom I can bribe to vote for me. Now, I (having the character we assumed) would love to have more and more such people around me. So that I can be a Representative of the People of my country.

That is easy if I can manage to to keep maximum people as dumb uneducated citizens who have lost the power to think and whom I can bribe to vote for me. So that is exactly what I do when I come in power to ensure my victory in the next election. I make policies that will ke…

Jaago Grahak Jaago

As I start my tax planning on the 11th hour, I keep wondering why I am doing this. Not the planning part, but the paying part. Why should I pay the Government of India? I don't pay any one just like that, for nothing! After all I am not the GOI. The Government can pay people because they are poor (probably because they are lazy, un-innovative or simply dumb), or because someone's husband/son picked up fight with another community and got killed in that.

And The Government is going to pay all these morons from my money that I pay as Income Tax. While the one who has paid, gets back traffic congestion, power cuts, terrorist threats and much more. While I should get my money's worth, somebody else is getting something he hasn't even made an effort for.

When I pay someone for some benefits/services he offers me in return, I am the consumer of his services. By this logic, can I sue the Govt. of India for misusing my tax?

I, as a tax payer should have the right to decide how…

Saddam is not dead

That's what I think! (before you wonder how you missed that news or rush to the nearest TV set or think of reporting this to the media)

I think he should not be disposed off. Because a dictator who has ruled an entire country, knows a lot that everyone would like to know. Now for the info to be worthwhile you will need to know what it could be. I have some ideas. The gentleman can educate the world on:

How to screw up IranHow to be a good dictatorHow to hide in rabbit holesHow to hide money effectivelyThe list may go on but for my lack of information, imagination and eradication of the source of this information. That is exactly the point I want to make. Had Saddam lived, he could be well utilised.

The idea is like why my Mom keeps boxes and gift wrapping papers from the gifts we receive. Because she thinks that they may be useful sometimes later. And they do (very rarely although). And then I face the "See!!" expression.

If nothing else. Some publishing house could buy Sa…