Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The right to vote

Why are sensible policies rare in our country?

The reason seems interesting to me. Who makes policies in this country? The Elected Representatives in the Parliament. How does one get elected as a representative of the people? Here comes the interesting stuff. I need to have majority of people voting for me. Now (suppose), I as a person, have the character of Ravan's step brother, morals as strong as a Parthiv Patel's batting. Who do you think will vote for me? Some dumb uneducated guy who has lost the power to think and whom I can bribe to vote for me. Now, I (having the character we assumed) would love to have more and more such people around me. So that I can be a Representative of the People of my country.

That is easy if I can manage to to keep maximum people as dumb uneducated citizens who have lost the power to think and whom I can bribe to vote for me. So that is exactly what I do when I come in power to ensure my victory in the next election. I make policies that will keep poor at my mercy, deprive them of education, keep their minds occupied with paltry issues like a female entering a temple or the more public holidays on other religion's festivals etc. So that they don't think when it comes to voting. The aim is to make a vote cheaper and cheaper. I have to make people so poor that I can buy myself a vote even at a rupee.

Since I anyway have the law enforcement system at my hand along with some additional moral police to help me, I can take care of the educated sensible lots who talk about rubbish like freedom of expression, individuality and other bullshit.

So the big question is who should have the right to vote then? ...Tomorrow

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