Monday, January 15, 2007

Pay to vote

I couldn't do it the next day. Sorry for that! Well the Question was who should have the right to vote?

My answer is, "One who pays the taxes". If I am paying tax to the Government, which the representatives of "The People" are going to spend, then I should be "The People". Only those who pay have the right to decide how and who should spend it. If I don't have my money at stake and if I am so poor, illiterate and dumb that I have lost the power to think, I would rather take some money and vote for Ravan's Step Brother.

Lets try a different approach. Allow me to paint two scenarios:

Scene 1- There are two folks who say that they will give you a Ferrari for free if you vote for them. Remember you have limited knowledge about both of them. They are going to buy the Ferrari from someone else's money. May be they will take some 500 million from that "someone else" for the Ferrari and keep some for themselves. What would you do?

Now what complicates the matter is one of them is ready to offer you 5000 rupees upfront along with the Ferrari that he will give you later. So here is where you care a rat's ass. Because in either case you are at least getting 5000 bucks. So why the hell would you care?

Scene 2- You gotta pay 5000 rupees for a Ferrari. Either of these guys will be selling a Ferrari to you for as little as that. Remember you are paying 5000 rupees of your hard earned money. Wont you have your own criteria of trusting a guy? Won't you try and put at least some logical thought into voting for either? Reason? STAKES.

What actually happens is I think and vote but there are very few people like me. There are millions of others who don't think before voting. A part of what I pay, goes to bribe these poor fellows for a vote. And the elected dude gets to keep the Ferrari.

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