Thursday, January 04, 2007

Saddam is not dead

That's what I think! (before you wonder how you missed that news or rush to the nearest TV set or think of reporting this to the media)

I think he should not be disposed off. Because a dictator who has ruled an entire country, knows a lot that everyone would like to know. Now for the info to be worthwhile you will need to know what it could be. I have some ideas. The gentleman can educate the world on:

  • How to screw up Iran
  • How to be a good dictator
  • How to hide in rabbit holes
  • How to hide money effectively
The list may go on but for my lack of information, imagination and eradication of the source of this information. That is exactly the point I want to make. Had Saddam lived, he could be well utilised.

The idea is like why my Mom keeps boxes and gift wrapping papers from the gifts we receive. Because she thinks that they may be useful sometimes later. And they do (very rarely although). And then I face the "See!!" expression.

If nothing else. Some publishing house could buy Saddamji, torture him till he told his biography, published it and made millions!

I mean you just don't dispose of stuff! My mom never taught me that!

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