Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RSS - an answer to the caste discrimination

One of my old post on Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh drew a comment today. It posed a few question about the stand RSS takes on the issues of caste system in our contry. The reader also asked if RSS could be a possible solution. And this, my dear readers in the fuel for this post.
Let me put forth some facts about the organisation called RSS right at the beginning.
  1. RSS is a social organisation. There is no formal registration and participation is completely voluntary.
  2. It is not a political, religious or profit making orgnisation.
  3. There are no posts, there are only responsibilities (in fact that what they are called).
These facts make it clear that this is a place where entry and exit is pretty easy. There are no costs involved with either. Which means there is no-one who can tell you that he will get you registered with the RSS and do you a favour. RSS is for everyone. In my opinion it is a perfect place where caste ism cannot exist. There are no reservations for a certain community. The Sangha (as I would like to call it henceforth), believes only in an individual and not the community one comes from.
The Sangha cannot force anyone into not believing in the caste system since it does not control any individuals thoughts. However, it certainly practices non-discrimination. For example, I have been to a shakha which is like a grassroot level proceeding of the sangha. Here I have taken instruction from a non-bramhin, had food with, bathed, prayed and lived with lower caste individuals. It is what I practiced as a swayamsewak. The Sangha will not issue a diktat or a fatwa. It will merely preach by practicing. So more the number of people who start going to a shakha the more they will stop believing in the caste system.
Go through the facts I have mentioned about the Sangh and you will realise it is no different from Orkut...but the sangha comes with a purpose, with an ideology and with some discipline.
To sum it all up, RSS is as biased as Orkut, when it comes to an individual's caste. :-)
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