Monday, April 21, 2008

My Soul is alive

In the comments I received on this post, an 'anonymous' said that the first inference he could draw from the post was that my Soul was alive ...& kickkkking!!!! :-) And that is when I realised, how true it was!
The primary sign of a living soul is unrest. Once you stop thinking about what you are doing, you are so dead. One may not know 'exactly' what one wants, but she should be always challenging the status quo. The day I come to terms with my existence,my work, my life I will know for sure that a fire deep within (not of acidity) has seized to exist.
The comment has suddenly made me realise that this very unrest will make me do something interesting some day! Something that will make the world think I have achieved, and make me realise that i have taken the first step, increase the unrest within, and strive for more.
Thank you anonymous!!!
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