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Gur Nihal Foods

After spending more than 24 hours at home, and having chawal-kadhi for 3 straight meals, I suggested to Bijou, we go out for our dinner today. Ruling out any junk food consumption, Bijou suggested we go to a Punjabi place he new from the last lunch he had with Anurag and his TeamBHp mates. If the approach road was any indicator of how the place would be, I wouldn't even have lokoed that way. But, the bumpy ride was misleading and so was the ambience. The place looked like a roadside dhaba. There was a Punjabi Auntiji standing next to the entrance. That kind of assured me that the cooking would be supervised and there were lesser chaces of a chole with sambar masala being served.
We ordered a Punjabi Chicken and some plain parathas. The punjabi chicken was well cooked and just sufficiently spicy. But not much Punjabi from the ones served in other restaurant. How I wish we had tried the achari chicken. The parathas were freshly made and served hot but not rotis. I think rotis were ma…

4 Seasons

The dinner tonight was at '4 Seasons' Madhapur. Right across the road was my old office (the erstwhileSatyam Computers), it was literally a trip down the memory lane. This restaurant, on the second floor is nothing much to talk about in the name of ambiance. Having said that, they have certainly put their attention in the right place - the food. Ours was a simple 3 course dinner - Tomato Soup, Chicken MalaiKabab & Chicken Biryani. Being one of those 'nice' places where everyone wants to go straight from their office, this place is always crowded (and definitely on a Friday evening). If you go there with a group of more than 2, be prepared to wait, wait really long, argue and even fight for a place.
But once you are there, be ready to eat one of the finest chicken you may have ever laid your hands on (or dug your teeth into). They have all sorts of chicken preparations. After my reduced appetite over the last couple of years (surprisingly after my marriage ;-) ), I c…