Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gur Nihal Foods

After spending more than 24 hours at home, and having chawal-kadhi for 3 straight meals, I suggested to Bijou, we go out for our dinner today. Ruling out any junk food consumption, Bijou suggested we go to a Punjabi place he new from the last lunch he had with Anurag and his TeamBHp mates. If the approach road was any indicator of how the place would be, I wouldn't even have lokoed that way. But, the bumpy ride was misleading and so was the ambience. The place looked like a roadside dhaba. There was a Punjabi Auntiji standing next to the entrance. That kind of assured me that the cooking would be supervised and there were lesser chaces of a chole with sambar masala being served.
We ordered a Punjabi Chicken and some plain parathas. The punjabi chicken was well cooked and just sufficiently spicy. But not much Punjabi from the ones served in other restaurant. How I wish we had tried the achari chicken. The parathas were freshly made and served hot but not rotis. I think rotis were mass produced and the couple we took were cold. I also missed tandoor roti. Next came lassi....sweet and just cold enough. Lassi is never to be had chilled. Only beer is to be served chilled. After having the lassi, I wouldn't have liked anything else to spoil the equilibrium my digestive system had achieved. But I was still a little hungry and there was a hand written poster on the wall anouncing Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti. So we had some freshly made saag and a roti each. The Makki ki rotis were also freshly made and most importantly having come after the lassi, they didn't spoil the mood.
I will have a cup of warm milk now before I go to bed. It has been a feast i must say.

P.S.: The dinner cost us about 200 bucks
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