Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The oscar for dilemmas

As I was travelling from Goa to Pune in a Bus, I overheard some conversation and could see a lot of dilemma on the face of a fellow passenger. As the story evolved, I could connect with him. Thus it went:
They were a couple, he was with his fiance/wife/girlfriend (a non-ma/behen relationship). There was another girl (pretty) who wanted to a lady's seat. She could get it only if this gentleman would give up the company of his travel mate as there were no other female passengers on the bus. I have been through similar situation and have said no and felt guilty about it till the society at large did something equally unjust to me. But this incident in the bus the other day, sparked off some more such dilemmas that I have come across quite often. I thought of having a golden globe of dilemmas; put them on the blog and see which is the most common dilemma.
First being the one above, the second dilemma that comes to my mind is of cheating in exams. No No. Me cheating is taboo enough! It is someone else trying to steal an answer or two from your answer book. Do you let the person go ahead and provide him the help that he is asking? or do you let you conscience dictate his grades?
Third dilemma, I face every morning. Imagine this situation, the office bus/train is about to leave in 2 minutes, you have just over a minute to wear your shoes and collect your purse, mobile and handkerchief. The decision to be made is, do you wear yesterday's socks or run for a fresh pair? (same with the hanky). I am sick and tired of making this decision every morning. I am just waiting to get married wherein an authority will pass such judgements for me. :-)
Next one is a shopping dilemma. It pops up its head when you have gone around the world trying to find a Tee shirt you like. And then you find this one! But it is too costly. But you know, the price is negotiable. Still the salesman don't budge as much as you wished he would. Do you accept moral defeat and buy the tee? or you let your brain do the math and walk out?
I would be glad it you want to add some more dilemmas. Competition is still open and nominees may be added.
And the Oscar goes to...???
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