Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i Cycle

After having shifted to Pune, I didn't get the time to put my bike in shape again and take it out for a ride. Actually it is not so much about time as it is about motivation. There is a threshold motivation one needs to reach. When this motivation exceeds the laziness, you are game! In my case, it happened yesterday.
I walked half a kilometer, got the tires inflated, put in a nut that I had lost to transporting, got some lubricant on the drive and I was ready to go.
It was a ride with a purpose as I was going over to the Jawdekars for wedding invitation. Now I know why pune was once a city of bicycles. Once you cross over the hill of chandani chowk, it is fairly cyclable. Also the air is so chilly, you don't sweat much. It was a tough task for me although since I leave on the other side of chandani chowk. While coming back from the city chandani chowk is one hell of a uphill task. I got out of breath mid way. The air being chilly and heavy was the real problem now, as i breathed hard, i had a soaring sensation in the throat and my sinus started showing sings of coming back to life. Unfortunately for me, the elevator to my apartment is shut down after 10 pm (no idea why). So I had to climb up 5 floors. By the time I was at the door, I was seeing purple circles in darkness. I managed opening the door and crashed on the floor. As I gradually took in some liquids, I was fine.
I guess I will do this more often now to earn back the stamina.
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