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A cosmetic fuel.

Its been around a month since I started cysling to office. Not that I cycled all the 20 days. But at least 10 days out of 20 I must have cycled all my way to and fro.

Now people have started becoming a bit inquisitive about cycling. How I do it? Why I do it? I just met someone at the ATM yesterday, who was surprised that I cycle to work. Even he thought it was a good idea to cycle but gave me number of reason why he won't be able to cycle to work.

Its funny that people dont mind sweating it out in a gym on a bicycle that goes nowhere. They tell me they wouldnt mind coming to office also on a bicycle only if didnt make them look tired. So now it turns out that its not actually the comfort/effort that petrol gives you. Its more of a cosmetic fuel. Because you burn it just to look good in office. Else you wouldnt mind cycling. Funny!!!

Another commonly said reason is the road safety one. It seems our roads are not safe enough for cyclists. I am not quite sure of the statistics, but more…

Otherness of the Mind

I attended a 4 day part time workshop organised by Sutradhar Casting Agency  .

The production at the end of this workshop was a more body based form of theatre performance. The performance was based on a selected poems of Chera Banda Raju and other revolutionary poets of Telangana. These poets triggered a social revolution merely by the content of their poems. As a result for the first time in the history, they were convicted of a conspiracy, arrested by the police and bruised both mentally and physically.

Although the content was from their poems, the underlying theme of the performace was state violenece arising out of religion, castism, poverty, arising global economy, graught or a disfuntional state. 

Through the course of the workshop, i wasnt quite sure how the production would turn out, its impact. Having come from a more vocabulary, diction, voice throw and modulation based background in acting, I was a bit apprehensive of the outcome of the workshop.

Pranab (the digdarshak-as he …

Found a way

Havent been able to Manage my blog from office for quite along time owing to "restrictions".

Found this wonderful online tool to do that for me.

So, expect more.