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Why Lead India wont work

All of us must be well aware of the Lead India campaign started by the Times Of India group. Yet a brief overview in their own words.
I think this is just another talent hunt program and is not going to help India politics or democracy in any way. The very reach of this program is limited to literate English speaking class of Indians. That could be hardly 10% of the total voting population. The real aam aadmi who decides the governments and hence the policies that govern us is far from basic primary education, leave alone English newspaper or television medium. As I have written in my earlier post real politics will still be nothing but manipulating numbers. As atanu says in his post here, untill basic education is given to each and every Indian citizen, it is stupid to expect rational thinking and unbiased opinion from him/her.
All that this contest will do is provide limelight to a bunch of opportunistic small time socialites, bring dinner table discussion on national television and i…