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The beginning...

For those of you who don't know me or hardly know me or don't know enough about me, I am getting married...soon.

I am going to start a series of post in which I will try to do what a good blogger should. Share. Share my experiences as I go through 'the process'. The thoughts that inhibit my mind. My dilemmas, frustrations and joys. This, I hope, will be a guiding light for the 'wanna bes', a nostalogical (this is my special creation) moment for the 'been there done thats' and we all will probably end up sharing.

So keep watching this space...

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Its not just me...its also her.

Asit bought a Bajaj Pulsar 180CC. I had a 2 km test sprint with her. She was what she was...a 180CC machine driven by a crazy road maniac. Right now I own a Bajaj Boxer 100CC city bike, so simple arithmetic for me was I could do twice the 'stuff' on this bike. But looks like bikes are like wine (or women!!!) they need to age a bit.

Asit's bike is too young to 'satisfy' me. She should be couple of 1000 kilometers old and then I will sprint her again.

She couldn't cross 70KmpH and the front was a bit wobbly. But the sprint made me realize one thing ... it's time!

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Prof. Gopal taught me costing, M etc. at GIM. Am posting some of his one liners for the aam junta. (courtesy Swastik Rath)

Hitler did Genetic cleansing, and today genetic cleansing of brain is done by LIC if u say that insurance is a tax
saving mechanism.

U can use a low quality tube light flickering all the time. But that wont look good in a hotel. But use the same tube light in a disco with a low quality coloured paper and a choke and u can cut a great deal of costs.

The way this discussion is going i feel like spraying pesticide on my face coz if i do it on someone else's face then there is no guarantee that someone else will not come up with something more stupid

"The government ought to charge entertainment tax for my lectures...""You go to the company's website, cut paste the intro page. Then you cut paste the company's balance sheet, and the competitor's balance sheet. Then you paste finance ministers photograph. And it becomes a case study."


Uttarardha - Shanivaar dopahar 2 baje

Sunday the 1st April'07, I had been to Telugu university, Nampally. Sutradhar was staging a couple of short plays starting 7 o'clock. On Saturday when I called Vinayji for inquiry, he told me that he had read my last post . That made me feel good for two reasons; one, people read what I write and two, Sutradhar takes feedback and acts on it. Now for the plays. I would give 90 of 100 for script selection. Good stuff. Let me give my opinion on these plays one by one:

Shanivar dopahar 2 baje :

This is the tale of an illegitimate extra-marital relationship between a man (not so happily married with a daughter) and an aging spinster. They seem to have lost it on the 'family' life front and have sex every Saturday afternoon at 2. The affair has been on for last 2 years. The play is nothing but another Saturday afternoon ordeal happening in front of the audience that gives us a glimpse of their lives.

The script is well written. At least the subject appealed to me. There are som…