Saturday, April 14, 2007


Prof. Gopal taught me costing, M etc. at GIM. Am posting some of his one liners for the aam junta. (courtesy Swastik Rath)

  • Hitler did Genetic cleansing, and today genetic cleansing of brain is done by LIC if u say that insurance is a tax
    saving mechanism.

  • U can use a low quality tube light flickering all the time. But that wont look good in a hotel. But use the same tube light in a disco with a low quality coloured paper and a choke and u can cut a great deal of costs.

  • The way this discussion is going i feel like spraying pesticide on my face coz if i do it on someone else's face then there is no guarantee that someone else will not come up with something more stupid

  • "The government ought to charge entertainment tax for my lectures..."
  • "You go to the company's website, cut paste the intro page. Then you cut paste the company's balance sheet, and the competitor's balance sheet. Then you paste finance ministers photograph. And it becomes a case study."

  • In US if a person is found guilty of cheating he is punished.
In gulf countries, his fingers might be chopped off.

In India if a person cheats he is made the
member of parliament.

  • There are three things common for a person with marketing and finance background.. .

1. Money

2. Greed

3. Ignorance

  • "Octroi is an animal which is peculiar to some states only"
  • "Concept of tax paying is not the culture in Delhi"
  • "Lifebuoy is positioned as the complete bathing soap for you, your family and your buffalo. The volume of sales dropped when people found out that they could not wash their tractors with it."
  • "Don't kill me with such statements.. is it my sugar is crossing levels"
  • On the viability of 5kg soap, "For larger SKU's rub the baby against the soap rather than the other way round"

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