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I turn 31 tomorrow. That’s about half of my active life gone by. Out of these 31 years About 15 to 16 years, I have been allowed to take decisions for myself – thanks to my liberal parents. However, suddenly a feeling has dawned that I haven’t done enough. I haven’t written enough, haven’t travelled enough, not enough exercise, not enough photography…just a laid back life that passed by as I procrastinated. So, I decided to first have a clear idea of what I wanted to do in my life and then achieve them one by one. Not in any particular order, but just strike them out one after the other. So here goes –
1.       Get fitter. Be able to run at least 5 Kms , swim 1 Km and cycle 100 Kms without the need to be hospitalised after.
2.       Do a road trip of the GT road. The grand trunk road stretches from Calcutta to Punjab in India and even beyond into the neighbouring countries on either side. Travel this length, possibly with family.
3.       Dedicate at least 6 months to community. As i…