Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It wasnt surprise to me that my roommate with a compulsive shopping disorder bought a laptop.
It had to happen one day or the other.
Neither did the configuration come as a surprise to me.
He had to buy the best.
When I came back from Mumbai to my good old apartment in Hyderabad, a sleek new Compaq laptop, a 256 Kbps broadband connection, a relatively quit and sane new acquittance with his laptop awaited me. Abhishek has taken all the effort & expenditure to make this little apartment wirefree. Can you believe it! This has made me wonder how fast life is changing for me. Till I went to Mumbai on a project, laptop was something "wow" for me. It no longer has the value. Just before I left Mumbai, I had thought of visitng a barista with my official laptop just to check out what exactly is this wireless connectivity. And here I am lying on my bed, with no wires attached to this computing device of the size of a A4 sized notebook, that weighs 80% lesser than what my school bag weighed. I AM taking time to digest this. Till yesterday I never thought an individual could own a wirelss internet connection. I thought it cost a fortune. I thought wrong.
Then I think, what would my father say if he saw this? How would he cope up with the change from the life without electricity to wireless router and a laptop. No wonder he ends up arguing with microsoft office. I guess its too fast.
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