Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fashionably confused

Its fashionable to be confused in our generation. Its like cloths. Everyone wants to wear the Dhoom2 range, and Pepe is selling it. The entire generation wants to follow people with no ideology. Its hep to be confused and our film industry is selling it. There are scores of Indian mainstream Films that portray the central character playing a son of a rich father clueless of what he wants from life and falling in love as a major pass-time.

Let me say what I mean more clearly (lest you confuse yourself). If I have an ideology ( a thought process) that says that certain people are wrong in what they do, I run the risk of being treated as an extremist with an added classification as a Hindu extremist, Muslim extremist etc. A large chunk of my generation has no opinion on matters of politics, national security, policy matters or agricultural reforms. rather than going into the depths, these issues are dealt on some blanket statements like "Politics is a dirty game", "Politicians are bloody chors", "Humanity" etc.

How many in my generation have an opinion on the Godhra incidence? It is more easily brushed off as a humanitarian issue. Not at least people around me.

I am under a threat of being converted into an insensitive citizen.

Is ideology dead?

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