Friday, February 08, 2008

They still divide and rule...

What the British and the Indian National Congress did for centuries together, the new age political parties are still doing the same...Divide and Rule. Only positive part is that they seem to be taking a clue from history.
Maharshtra Navanirman Sena - formed by a young politician Mr. Raj Thackrey, whose political aspirations made him come out of the shadow of his mentor and Uncle Mr. Bal Thackrey, is all out to break every skull that is not Marathi. Why? Because it has no real issues to raise. The Big T (of the Thackrey) did the same thing a few decades ago and became a major hit with the Mumbaikars. Once popular and in power, he skillfully shifted the line of divide from Marathi v/s Non- Marathi to Hindu v/s Muslim. Reason? arithmetic. Only Marathi votes can’t get ShivSena to win seats. So be more inclusive and garner hindu votes a superset of Mrathi votes.
So what’s Raj upto? Poor soul had broken away and was losing mind-space in the voters. Out of sight is out of mind. He had to do "something" to regain some media space. He referred his old notebooks and came up with a sure shot trick Uncle had taught him.
He and his men will now be arrested, he will give impressive media bytes, break the Hindu vote bank further into Marathi and non thus eating into the same cake that BJP and ShivSena already claim as theirs. Final gainer? Indian National Congress.
But, do not forget that Congress has a incurable disease. That of dissentful leaders. There is Mr. Rane who earlier broke away from the ShivSena to join INC who is right now in the dissent mood. So one can not overlook a possibility of an alliance between Mr. Rane and Raj.
Welcome to Indian politics...

Update: Read Atanu's Post and an article in Times of India by Tarun Vijay - editor of Panchjanya, a Hindi weekly brought out by the RSS.
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