Thursday, August 21, 2008

I do this from Suse 10.1

Did I tell you the story of a guy who was blessed with a bit of too much? Well, here go...

There was this fella, just got a job with a fat pay check, all married and all, bought a cool desktop for himself planning to have broadband connection so that he could blog his way to glory. ;-). The bloke gets blessed with a laptop of all things. Now he also has a broadband connection (at a whopping speed of 2 MBps). having resources including time at his disposal, he decides to try his hands at Suse 10.1.

Now my friends, I am using the inbuilt application in the OS to post this entry. I have also downloaded the latest version of scribe-fire which will work with the latest version of Firefox. Poor me has so much on hands now, that I don't know how to install these updates.

Video is not working as well so I have downloaded real player 11. Again I dont know how to install that as well. I hope I will make all things work over this weekend.

I had a small personal trip to Bangalore over the last weekend and have lots to share about this trip. It was one of the most enriching trips of my life to say the least.

Take care...

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