Sunday, December 07, 2008

I have joined the Indian Army

Now that I have your attention, let me get on with the actual post:

Here I sit today in 'Sanket' position. Sanket, my dear cousin, sits in the bean bag at mid-night with his laptop on his lap; I call this the 'Sanket position'.
Well too many things happening today. Lets take 'em up one by one.
I begin a new assignment at my workplace. I will probably end up giving a lot of consulting gyan but hopefully with some substance. Thats what it appears from the couple of meeting I had today.
I went swimming at our company's health club today. After a couple of rounds of the pool I discovered that there was a formal coach available. Not that I don't know to stay afloat, I have manage to do that for the past 20 odd years. But those are crude methods of swimming that come to you by mere survival instincts. I wanted to learn formal swimming where in the movement of my limbs could be classified into either strokes (currently it looks like the dance of a headless chicken). So here I am tired with an hour of swimming.
Dear wife is not home today. She has gone to Goa on a 5day trip and boy am I missing her. Not that she hasn't gone before and I haven't missed her before, but just saying it. So, I come back from work and cook with the help of my cousin. Three toast sandwiches and a couple of pegs of Vodka and the film starts looking interesting.
Oh I guess I didn't tell you about this. I am watching 'Shaurya' - a Hindi movie. KK Menon is a man who will hopefully carry the legacy of NaseruddinShah forward. I don't know if I have mentioned it on this blog earlier, but here I go: “Naseeruddin Shah is the best actor in th world”< period>.
There are two actors today who can carry forward the legacy: KK Menon and Irfan Khan. But imagine the strength of Naseerji's acting, it takes two contemporary actors to carry forward the legacy. No wonder, I want to be a Naseeruddin Shah when I grow up! :-)

Good night.
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