Sunday, March 06, 2011

Freedom - Responsibility = Anarchy

While on our way to office, I and Bijou had an interesting conversation about freedom without responsibility. The discussion was sparked by a traffic jam around us. :-)
What we got on 15/08/1947 was independence; to run this country as our's, toil for it's progress, restrain for its dignity and stand for its defense. What we would get in return was freedom. Freedom of expression, speech, religion et al. Freedom to exercise our fundamental rights. But this concept of independence should have been engraved into every Indian by the leaders of this freedom struggle and their ideological successors.
Instead what the leaders chose to do was to only stress on the rights of every Indian. There were social movements of very large magnitude for the rights of an individual or a group of them. But there have been no movements so far in 'independent India' that have made us realize our responsibilities. How many of us have thought about progress, dignity & safety of our country in our day-to-day life and what role each of us can play in this?
Nobody's asking for blood for freedom now. All the country needs is a responsible citizens.
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