Thursday, July 18, 2013


Have you ever observed what your father wore to a picnic when you were young? Or what he wore when he occasionally played cricket with you? What were his 'casuals'? Remind yourself what your mother wore at home! Casuals, as we call them today, were old clothes then that could not be worn to functions or office. Faded, repaired or possibly even misfits!
But now, we have got into the habit of buying casuals. And I am trying to figure out the reason. Every time we choose clothes, the first classification is - formals or casuals? So while the previous generation used and re-used a lot of their clothes, our old formals never end up being casuals. Not that they would cause any discomfort as casuals, but we buy equally expensive clothing for that 'casual' look. Isn't casual supposed to mean ' I don't need to be too particular'? Then why are we so particular?
Me thinks, our parents got the real essence of 'casual'.
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