Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Consume or Create

This post is a result of a brief discussion I had with a dear friend over chai a few days ago.
At various levels of our existence, we are always consuming something. Water, food, literature, information, petrol, music and Oxygen if not doing anything else. If we choose to be, we can be consumers forever, almost parasites. But then there is a part of us that wants to be 'creative'. We want to be making something, creating something. And to be creating something, we should be well aware of the consumer. A good photographer should have seen a lot of good photographs. A good actor should have seen a lot of good performances. You get the point!
But then where do I draw the line? When does one say, 'Ok. I have seen enough, now let me do something about it!'. I am in a state right now where the social network and the Internet is showing diminishing returns. When someone shows me that '10 most beautiful photographs of 2013' post, I say to myself  "so what?". What have I done? I am not a bad or casual photographer either! Where are my 10 best images of 2013.When someone shares their travel experience, I realise I didn't go anywhere.
So, here is to less consumption and more creation. It's time to shape the proceedings and not be a passive looker!
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