Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Husband's reply to the Breastfeeding Wife

When I read this post on Facebook, I began thinking if I really needed to be told this and in this manner! Are men so insensitive that they can't see their wife tired? Do men of my generation who have access to Internet, don't know how demanding is it to be a mother? I felt offended for being typecast. So, I decided to respond...
Dear Breastfeeding Wife,
First of all, it's OUR baby, not MY baby. Stop referring to the baby like a strange object that has entered our relationship. Didn't we speak at length about this? Didn't we both know raising a baby would be demanding, both for you and me? I didn't do it to you by force!!!
Coming to the part of breastfeeding the baby. I know it's demanding. I can SEE that you are tired from all the chores and the breastfeeding. I don't have an iota of doubt that it's taking a toll on you. If it was practical, I would have left you to only nursing the baby and do all the chores myself. But it is not! Which is why I try to do the chores from time to time. But, you need to cut me some slack as well. I am not good at chores. Let's just accept it. I am not built for it, mentally AND physically. It's just the way men are. While there are exceptional home-maker husbands, you haven't married one.  
So, after WE had the baby, the house isn't going to look like it used to. You may have to use the 'wrong side of the towel' sometimes. You may see me using the wrong broom in the wrong place. The khichadi I cook may be a tad salty. I may buy marginally bad and expensive vegetables. But hey, it's both of us trying to raise a baby together and I am only doing the best I can.
Remember - neither of us have chosen who will play the mother and who will play the father. It was decided when we were born. What we have chosen to be, collectively, is being parents!
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