Sunday, November 19, 2006

Goodbye swamy and thank you so much!!

Weekend brings up the big question of how to live through it without feling that you have wasted it. On those grounds, this was a good enough weekend. After getting up at 11 in the morning, went to play cricket. After a long long time. Felt good bowling. But the post is about a play "Goodbye Swami" staged by a group from Hyderabad called Sutradhar Actors. If I was to give them credit for an effort, I would give them 85%. But if I am to judge, I give them half of that, say 40%.

The script looked stretched, and childish. I dont know. May be I am making a wrong comparison when I compare it with scripts from Mumbai. May be its not fair on part of people at Sutradhar. But lets say not childish, but the flm was at least simplistic. Too simplictic. The story goes something like this...

"A thief/killer/robber/bad man while running and hiding from police, reaches an ashram. Coincidence leads him to becoming a swamy. He knows the shallowness of the disciples as well as has his thoughts clear about the falsehood of the swamys. So he dreams and is succesfull about becoming a swamy. The pranks he plays on the desciples, their success and the way he becomes a largely followed swamy" is the skeleton of the story. This can make an interesting 3rd grade school textook story but not a script.

I was disappointed with the handling. I guess the problem is - Vinay Verma doesnt have sufficiently talented men, that he has to play the central character, every time. He is a wonderful actor, I know. But he needs support from his co-actors.

A play is a teamwork. Everything needs to be fine for the play to work. That aint be the case with the play I witnessed.

Something looked rotten in the state of denmark...

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