Monday, November 06, 2006

The youth of my country

An incident that has shocked me.It has shaken me rigorously. While the media has stopped reporting and other bigger breaking news fetch limelight, I challenge the responsible media (read Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardessai and the likes) to have their "We the people" &  "the big fight" on this issue.

What I am talking about is the gaziabad incident. Where in about 4000 aspiring policemen went on a rampage damaging public property,harassing general public and even pulling women out of cars and molesting them. This is a law and order situation later. First and foremost it is a big questionmark on the value system,culture and the educational system. Out of these the first two are the ones we say we have inherited. And look at what it is producing: hooligans in thousands. Are the parents of all these youth ready to owe up for what their patrons did?

Even the media is not highlighting the real issue here. It is focussing on the easiest target, the police. Whereas the real culprit is "we, the people" that all the "responsible" media always fights for. Its time to turn around and ask some questions.

Does it not bother anyone that 4000 literate youth of this country are not even socialised enough to express their anger in a more civilized way! I would have given a sympathy if it was just destruction of public property and other "normal" means of expressing disagreement in our country. But harassing individuals? Ladies?

We need some systematic moral education here. How about RSS ??

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