Friday, February 02, 2007

Display in the Brain

reality electromagnetic data storage transfer conversion into display see/hear electronic impulses brain decipher feel store

What happens when we watch a video from a website or on the television? What is the end to end process? Lets take a visual experience as an example.

There is something happening. The light that is bounced off the objects is stored as electromagnetic data. This data is then converted into digital form and transfered through the internet or television signals. The display device at our end converts this data into a visual experience, the light from this display device is then converted into electronic impulses by our eyes (retina or some part like that). These impulses then travel to some part of brain which deciphers it for us to feel and store.

To reduce the loss while converting from electromagnetic to digital, we have developed a technology for recording video in digital format. Why cant we record video in the same format as the one in which eyes do it? The cycle will then be something like:

reality transmit the brain decipher store

Reducing hand offs in this manner may help us enjoy experience beyond our current understanding. This can also be used in audio.

May be there is someone who has already worked it out and is reading this (hopefully) and smiling. Or may be I am the first one.

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