Thursday, February 08, 2007

Short sightedness with disasters

I thought I would be called an optimist for being shortsighted about disasters. But I guess its an important quality in good managers. They always sense what can go wrong in a project.

My mind now a days is dwindling on a big road less plateau. There are people who can always tell you what is going wrong, without knowing what is the right thing to do. How good is such a person? He will tell you everything that can go wrong before you are all charged up to take the big leap of faith. I absolutely agree that you should be taking a informed decision, knowing all the cons especially.

I would like to be such a person, who always knows whats wrong. But unfortunately, I haven't been bought up that way. I only give my opinion, and if there isn't any better solution I can give, I am game for an experiment.

But there is merit, when someone says "Its better not doing something than doing it wrongly and messing up further". May be its more to do with whether you are a thinker or a doer.

What do you think is the right thing to do?

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