Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bombers..dimaag bech ke aaye ho kya??

Hyderabad got bombed, again yesterday. Around 40 civilians are expected dead. My Baba asked me if some militant organisation has taken responsibility. I am not sure about the organisation, but am sure it is headed by one hell of a moron. He seems to have no hint of a brain in his head.
Why then would he decide to kill Indian citizens. I am not going to argue like a socialite saying it is inhuman to kill innocent civilians. But I have a case for him. Obviosuly some one is trying to make a point to the government through these bombings. But what is the purpose of the bombings? Does he expect the citizens of India to rally behind the goverment to meet his demands? Arre bhai, we cant make the goverment do something for us, how can we make them do something for you? And if you want us to represent your demands, what are they? Who are you? Let us know each other well and then we can have a deal.
Or does he expect that the goverment will be touched, moved by these killings (although ministers claim that happens), and they will fulfill his demands. Oh come on boy!!! There are hundreds dying in this country as I type this post. Does it remotely look like our government cares for them? NO.
Then what do these bombings do other than wasting your time? Hit the nail on it's head buddy. Pick a few misters, kill some, kidnap some. Then you will be on talking terms. Then the other ministers will listen to you. Ask for a new state, nation, continent, planet. Any fucking thing you want.
You seriously need a consultant!!!!
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