Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happiness Sale and other things...

First thing first! I am using an unconventional way of blogging here. I am posting this feed by writing a mail to certain id and I think thats cool! :-)
This was a pretty good weekend. I was busy and relaxed on both the days in just the right proportion. Feels goooooood!
Now about Happiness Sale. Hyderabad Central, the shopping mall has a happiness sale every now and then. I went there ones, say 6 months back and bought some things I did not want. That, I think best describes what our life has come to. Our happiness is now driven by Sales, discounts and offers. A software professional couple earning more than half a lakh a month, staying away from their parents, having given up their passions and interests for a 'career' have only deals and offers to look up to. Is that all that makes us happy? Maximum stuff for less? Getting maximum 'things' for our money?
What makes you happy?


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