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Only the paranoids survive...hehehehehahahah!!!

What does an IT consultant do on a weekend? Discusses global economics with his friends and tries..neah gives consultant answers to 88.3% of questions of the world (you wont understand the arithmetic behind the's too complex).
That's what I did to the best of my ability and knowledge. But my friend ( he has an MBA from the real world and no B-school crap) posed a question "How long will the tech. boom last?" and I heard it as "How long will guys like you keep receiving hyped up salaries?". That was a dream shattering question. I saw a Royal Enfield Bullet (the bike of my dreams) fading into the distance. Would I still be affording Rs. 1 Lakh for a bike, say three years down the line? Would I be flaunting proportionate income X years (which I hope is multiples of 10) down the line?
Well, my friend has a fair idea of M&As happening across the globe in BPO, KPO and ITES sectors. He also knows of emerging countries who can prove to be competitive threat to India in these sectors and he also has some number (suffixed with billion and trillion) to back up his claims. Now, being a consultant gives me the liberty to talk about stuff that I don't know. So I did just that!
The argument goes that other countries like Philippines, Indonesia, 'East European' Countries and other countries whose names start with Q, X, T etc. and whose total population (including children) is slightly more than North Goa, hold a competitive advantage over India. They are culturally more aligned to the west, some of them know French, or speak English in the right accent. And the biggest thing is, they are ready to work at cheaper rates. The differentiators being narrow and the cost advantage being huge, and the cost of switching being minimal, Indians will lose their business and Mr. Laukik Desai will pack his bags for home and g(r)o(w) bananas there.
I say "hell NO"! I can work cheaper. So can most of us. Unless, inflation makes it non-viable to earn any lesser. And the differentiators are far bigger that the ones above. After learning English, the competitors gotta outdo us in technical education. Then they gotta outdo us in experience. Indian Cos. have gained experience in various verticals over the past couple of decades. So they have quite a distance to cover. Till then consultants will find something else that the competitors can't beat.
But the question sure made me paranoid till i slept. But I am glad some one wrote a book "Only the paranoids survive!". So tension illa !!!
What says the yous???

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