Friday, March 27, 2009

Insider special

Many people want to know about Satyam. How the fiasco was crafted? Did employees have any idea about something this big happening say about 2 years ago? Everyone wants to know a bit more than what comes in newspapers and Dalal street portals. So here is a ready reckoner to that extra bit you should know to gain attention at dinner tables and tea time chats...
Folks knew nothing. Everyone was pretty happy that they were employed by a company that was counted in the top 4 or top 5 IT giants of the country. It was like just another job. I quit Satyam not because I smelt something. I quit because I smelt money in my new job and it was a bigger machine, more disciplined and a bigger brand. The only sign that one may notice in restrospect is employees being without work for long period and still not being woken up from their slumber. But nobody noticed it then. It was all hunky dorry.
Even the directors and members of the top management claim oblivion. But in my opinion it is similar to Musharraf claiming oblivion to terrorism in Pakistan. Being unaware of such a big scam when you are in a position to have access to all the information you want is I think a challenge to ones intelligence and intentions. To put it in more naive terms - how would you feel if your 100 cc bike starts running at 140 KmpH? Wouldn't you suspect some foul play? When one is in the driver's position, he is completely aware of the capabilities of the machine <organisation>. When indicators show something beyond capacity, they should be questioned.But did Mr. Raju do it out of malified intentions? I don't know. It is difficult to know. Most aquittals in criminal cases happen because there is a lack of evidence to prove wrong intentions.
That is the max I have on the hot topic of yesterday. Oh ... and one more thing. I have bought about 80 shares of Satyam at present levels. So you know my view. :-)
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