Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where have I been????

Yes! Guilty! Not been in touch for last 2 months. Biggest sin a blogger can make. I am a criminal. Agreed. But don't you want to hear the story? So here goes...
It has been a not-so-active work life since I joined by new company. I haven't been really getting the projects. I have been doing org. initiatives on and off. But that's it. Nothing much. But off late, in the last couple of months, things have become exciting. I have been trained on 2 new products in a span of a month. And currently I am working on a pretty niche product. A Marketing Automation Application that Gartner positions in the 'Leaders' quadrant. So the trainig has been a big leap. And to add to it, I am on a live project implementing the same product. Talk about constant learning!
And if this was not enough, this project needs me to travel to United Kingdom for a 3-4 months period. So here I am taking advise from everyone who has even been to an international airport, weighing baggages, buying woolens in scrotching summer of Pune and what not!And all this ain't no be free. It comes at a price - that of working 11 to 12 hours a day. I have lots topics to write about - politics, time travel, UK trip and much more. But lets wait till I get the time. Till then adios!

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