Friday, April 30, 2010

The 2 Business Ideas

I had twitted about 2 business ideas and had promised the details would be on the blog. So here goes...

JustGoa - See a different Goa every time
I have been consulted at least about 15-20 times by different people for their leisure trips to Goa. This idea is a fallout of the experiences.

This is a Goa specific travel company. I know there are hordes of Goan tour operators. But this one is with a different marketing strategy. This sort of concentrates on repeat business. The tours are thematic. Some of the themes would be -
  • Chillax
  • Religious
  • Eco
  • Celebrations (Weddings, Anniversaries, Receptions)
  • Corporate (Conferences, team building exercises, product launches)
The main thrust should be on maintaining the visit history of the tourists and ensuring they do not get bored with repeat visits. Aligning Marketing with capacity for special programs in monsoon, around long weekends etc. will definitely bring in a new angle to this business.
I am not sure if there is anything like this already on the Internet. This can either be an independent real-estate renting portal or can be a feature on any of the existing ones. The idea is to register every property, its owner and tenants on a single portal. Suppose I am an owner and own 3 apartments in Mumbai (I said suppose!!!). Now when I want to rent out any of my properties, I register myself and the property on this portal. There are also many tenants registered who are looking for a fitting property to hire. Till here it is just like any other renting portal. The difference is rating. Every tenant who takes a property gets to rate it and the owner of the property. The owner also gets to rate the tenant. The portal thus has the history of the apartment occupancy. Either of the party can know the disputes the other party has had and can choose which house to rent, which tenant to rent it to and and whether the owner is 'troublefree' or not.
I am not sure how to make money out of this idea though.

Tell me what you think people!!

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