Monday, September 13, 2010

People Management

My work over the last few months also involves intensive people management. I lead a bunch of 10 souls of different age groups, not much variance there though and the oldest member of my team is not older than me. I have realised that the following facets of human behaviour need to be considered by anyone in leadership position. These must have been definitely written in some book on leadership, but I have learnt them the hard way:
  1. Ego - Mostly observed in senior team members who have as much work experience as you. These people could have been in your position but for some bad appraisal. Such team members mostly do not take any work allocation lying down. Typical responses are 'I will see what I can do' or 'Let me see'. And by the way, these people may also think that you have 'sucked up' your way into leadership.
  2. Incompetence - These people may not necessarily be dumb. They may be acting dumb to avoid work. Or they may have earlier worked in a place where competence was not rewarded. There could also be a problem of low self-esteem in such people.
  3. Westerners - I don't know what exactly to call such folks. But they generally have their preferences set. They will come when they want to, leave when they want to, take leaves when they feel like. This is absolutely fine in a western work environment. But in India, my boss does not understand that people have lives outside work.
I am not writing how to deal with such people because I am still learning that part. You guys go ahead and share tips!
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