Thursday, January 12, 2012

Being a father - I

Yesterday I completed 3 months as a father and I decided to write on this right away. For those of you who haven't had a child, let me try to put it how it is. It's like having a new person enter your life, without any personality or baggage. You don't know the personality that will enter your life, you are going to make that person who s/he is. So obviously, it is different from marriage. Is it a responsibility? Hell yes! But then so is zipping your pants. Why did I wait three months? It took me that long to figure out what was happening. So here goes...
I always wanted a daughter. Everyone guessed from Shveta's looks, eating habits and what not that we would have a baby boy. But I deeply wanted a girl. Because I think girls are more balanced. Besides, a girl can do what a guy cannot but the vice a versa is not. Also, I wanted to bring up our daughter in a manner that would be unique with lots of freedom and adventure packed into her life. With a boy that would be given.
So, on 11th October 2011 [11/10/11], God heard me and blessed us with a beautiful girl child. I have been always been unsure when it comes to holding infants. Give me a year old kid and I will be her favourite uncle in under 15 minutes. But an infant with a wobbling head is a nightmare. I always ran away from holding any of my nieces or nephews. But when this 3.25 Kg bundle arrived, I was sure of myself. I knew I would hold her and hold her securely. She just felt right in my arms. She was too do  I put it....too young to recognize me. We had hardly spent any time together! So on the day she was born, there wan no feeling of something spectacular happening. It all went normal and went home and slept well.
The person who felt the real pains of our daughter's birth was Shveta. She is one woman of steel. And not just her. Let me put it in black and white here - men know shit about pain. Going through a labour without passing off is the worst form of pain one can have. Period.
The feeling started slowly sinking in day by day. More on that coming up. :-)
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