Thursday, January 26, 2012

Should I pop a Tablet?

I have been ogling at tablet PCs for quite some time. Though iPad always seemed out of reach, the launch of Samsung Tab looked like the arrival of a affordable option. But my experience with touch-screen android phones was not very good (details in further post). So I kept weighing my options of owning a tablet - should it be the only computing device I have, should I sell of the laptop and buy a tablet, what would be the best combination? And I never came to a clear conclusion. Something always pushed me away from a tablet.
A few weeks ago in a casual conversation with a uncle, the answer emerged. A tablet computer was a consumer device. It gives a brilliant content consumption experience. Watching movies, reading blogs posts, playing games is awesome. But when it comes to creation, its a pain in the ass. My uncle owns a iPad2, supposedly the best tablet device of our time. But even he complained that a task as simple as responding to an email was laborious as compared to a laptop. Writing a blog post is far off the question. And this is exactly what pushed me away from a tablet.
If I can own a net-book for a fraction of a price, while having the capability to create as well as consume, why would I opt for a tablet? I totally agree that the consumer experience is to die for, but at what price? I hope someday I have enough disposable income (or friends with enough disposable income) to spend such an amount on a lifestyle product purely for content consumption. Till then the click of the keyboard is my favourite music!
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