Sunday, January 11, 2015

Is it good to be money-minded?

I have spent last few weeks trying to make choices between health, children's education, career choices, safe & secure environment for kids, time with parents and most importantly - money. People who have witnessed my dilemma have told me I am too emotional, not ambitious enough, 'wasting my talent' and what not!
At the same time, I have also seen people of my age and caliber make the same choices with ease. So, I got thinking. What is it that helps them make these decisions? After a lot of deliberation, I think it is money. I have grown up in a household that places minimal emphasis on money. My father once told me that money will help me survive but it's my passion that will help me have a life. So, money has been no more than a tool! In fact so much was my self gratification that I even looked down upon people as 'money-minded'. My definition of such people was - people who would make decisions purely based on monetary gain. While, I made my decisions based on my emotional quotient. 
Last few weeks though have made me realize, that money is a far more reliable and quantifiable goal to keep! If you take decision based on what (you think) is best for your kids, it may not always turn out to be that way. If you think your parents need you, they may not think in the same way. Besides, middle class parents have spent their entire life trying to make ends meet and earn some money. To them your earning opportunities outweigh their emotional needs. If you think you are awesome at some art, say painting and make career choice based on this belief, you may be in for some reality check. The one thing that almost always turns out right is - if you think you will make money, you WILL make money!
What do you think?
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