Monday, January 12, 2015

Open letter to all the kids in the world

Dear kids,
Hope you are having a good time! Since you believe in Santa, fairies, knights and all the mythical characters that are righteous, I am sure you live with eternal optimism (though you don't have a clue what that word means) through all the thick and thin.The stories you have heard of obedience, selflessness, honesty and all the other right virtues are probably shaping you into an ideal person. But this is not going to last! You will soon turn into an adult, which is a far worse version of yourself. Your parents will teach you to lie. All the kids will help each other in becoming adult humans with egos (I can't really describe to you what an 'ego' is, but is it what makes us adults, other than a moustache) bigger than the largest playground you have seen. We all adults wish that our kids remain kids, but we haven't so neither will our kids remain!
The purpose of this letter is to bust some myths about adults or grown ups, whatever you call us. I will go one by one so that you can quickly refer to any point as and when need arises:

  1. Adults have responsibilities: If any of us tells you that we have so many 'responsibilities' and that is why we are 'stressed', they are lying ! Most of our responsibilities are work we have created for each other. Auditors, consultants, police, judges and many more people exist because we adults don't trust each other.
  2. We go to work to buy you new toys: No! We go to work so that we go to fancy restaurants where yelling kids are not welcome. Or to buy a swanky car where each drop of ice cream you spill is going to count. If we had never introduced you to video games or electronic games, you would have never asked for them. Simple?
  3. We save money so that you can have a good future: If we wanted a good future for kids, we would be saving the planet. We use the resources from the planet, to earn more money which 'we think' will safeguard the future. 
  4. We are smarter than you are: If I gave you a glass of water and told you that's all you will get the entire day, will you drink it or wash your face with it? We adults are bathing  with that glass of water. And we claim to be smart. 
  5. We are careful & thoughtful: We drink, we smoke, eat stuff that we know is harmful to us (in fact we tell kids NOT to eat it) and how can we then claim to be careful? We are aware of the stuff we don't have in abundance like fuel, time or minerals and we still waste it. Thoughtful? 
This is just the tip of the iceberg. We do a lot more that we should not be doing and shun away from doing what we should be doing. There could be books written, research paper published and conferences held to highlight how we adults are not doing what we should be. But unfortunately all of it is created and consumed by us adults, for our own gratification. You kids know nothing of it. 
The day you will see through our facade of adulthood, it will arouse a feeling within you that you may not have witnessed before - HATE!
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